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Tracy Casey, MACP, RP(Q)

under the

Supervision of Rachel Sturgeon, M.A., RP, CCC

Services Offered: Teen (15+) and Adult Psychotherapy​

$120.00 +HST per individual session, Sliding Scale available

Prior to my Master’s program I have over 20 years of experience in coaching people helping them to succeed in their businesses. In my years of working with people one on one, what I have learned to be true is that we all experience struggles with our mental health, we all face challenges in our lives and we all need help to overcome them. We cannot do it alone.  Let me help you overcome your current challenges so that you can be happier and healthier for you and for those closest to you.

In our work together, we will be focusing on your current circumstances and struggles and identify how you want to see it changed, what about this change is within your control and how you may go about seeing these changes by identifying your current skills and working on building new skills. In doing this, we will make a plan to get there together. 

I believe that each of us have the ability to overcome whatever challenges we are currently experiencing but that sometimes we struggle to take the first step or the path there appears blurry. I am here to help you fulfil your vision of being happier, more hopeful and to partner with you on your journey to mental wellness.  

Whether you are experiencing loneliness, sadness, feelings of overwhelm and stress, or if you are feeling directionless in what is to come next for you, therapy can help you to manage this more effectively. Together, we will work on strategies that will empower you to take back control of your life and address the root causes of your difficulties in order to build a more meaningful life. My priority is that you are receiving the help and care that you are looking for in your journey to mental health wellness.