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Sharp Dopler CD, MA, RP(Q)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Website: Many Paths Therapy 

Services Offered: 

Adult Psychotherapy (18+)


Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Women, Indigenous peoples, Military and Veterans, 2SLGBTQIA, Gender diverse people

$150 per session

We are each on our own path or journey through life. Sometimes the way is easy and other times it is not. Therapy may help us explore whatever we have encountered along the way. I work with individuals 16+ who are interested in exploring their previous paths and developing strategies for wellness on the journey forward. My goal is to walk with you for a time along your path where together we can co-create a space to reflect, learn and grow.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), living and practicing in Ottawa since 2019. My approach is trauma-informed, culturally safe and grounded in the belief that YOU are the expert on your journey. My practice is informed by both western and Indigenous approaches to wellness with an openness to whatever you bring into the room. I believe this is sacred work and am honoured by the trust placed in the therapeutic process.

A good fit in terms of personality and approach is the most important factor in a successful outcome. It may take some time for you to determine if the 'fit' is right for you. As we work together, I may sometimes draw our attention to the progress of our relationship. This is called a 'relational approach'  (“psychodynamic” and “attachment-based”) which comes from the understanding that having good relationships is essential for our wellbeing and self-esteem.

As a therapist, I have a flexible, integrative approach guided by you as the expert on your own journey. Some of the techniques we may engage in include but are not limited to: explorational conversations, emotionally focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, attachment work, experiential and humanistic techniques, collaborative therapies and cognitive-behavioural techniques.

I have both personal and professional understandings of the unique challenges experienced by 2SLGBTQIA folk and am fully committed to supporting individuals through the coming-out process and/or transitioning.

Engaging in the therapeutic process can be fulfilling, challenging and a growing experience. It can be a new path to mental wellness, however you may define it. You deserve that wellness and an easier walk for your journey.

Let’s explore a path to mental wellness, whatever that might look like for you!


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