Children Age 6-15

Boy Playing with Blocks

Therapy with children can include the use of play, art, or storytelling. Parents may be invited into sessions for psychoeducation and to practice supporting their child in the home.

Adult Age 16+

Psychologist Session

Individual therapy can guide clients to implement various methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters.


Holding Hands

Sessions can help couples gain insight into their current dance and introduce new steps which encourage insight, acceptance, and connection.

Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

Listening to Music

Clients listen to music using over the ear headphones either in office or at home, depending on where they are at with therapy and needs. SSP helps create a sense of safety from the inside, by reducing stress & auditory sensitivity. It uses 5 hours of filtered music to train the middle ear muscles to focus on certain frequencies, and uses this acoustic channel as portal to neural regulation and sense of safety at the autonomic nervous system level. Many who receive this therapy report a ripple effect of benefits such as enhancement of social engagement, higher resilience, more openness to therapy, less environmental overstimulation, increased ability to understand and follow instructions.


• Trauma

• Anxiety

• Social & emotional difficulties

• Inattention

• Speech/language delays

• Sound sensitivities

• Chronic pain

• Stress related digestive issues

SSP Video