Jenny Jackson, BSW, RSW

Registered Social Worker & Master of Social Work Intern
under the supervision of Krista Helman, MSW, RSW

Services Offered: 

Adult Psychotherapy (15+)

$95 per session

Jenny has experience working with people individually, as well as in groups. Using her strong active listening skills she helps clients talk through what they are experiencing in

the moment, reflects with them, and encourages them to recognize their own strengths and resilience.

Jenny has delivered training programs and small therapeutic groups which addressed a wide variety of topics including mental heath, addiction, denial and self-sabotage, the importance of self-care, coping and dealing with emotions, boundaries, resilience, and planning for success.

Jenny provides a safe space in which clients can learn how to cope with tough feelings, learn simple

techniques to manage the flooding of emotions, and contain that which is too difficult to address until

these skills are firmly developed.