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Cynthia Bates, M.Ed., M.A., RP, RYT
Registered Psychotherapist, EMDR Therapist

Services Offered: 

Adult Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy: Aging, Grief, Women’s Issues

Specialties: Life Transitions (i.e., Aging, Retirement, Divorce), Women’s Issues, Relationships, Burnout and Stress Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression

$160 per individual session

I enjoyed several years as a school Guidance Counsellor, working with adolescents aged 11-18, from widely diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and belief systems. While this was a deeply rewarding experience, I am now, as a Registered Psychotherapist, turning my focus toward the opposite end of the human lifespan. The ongoing pandemic continues to shine a spotlight on – and has provided significant evidence of – the challenges facing an extremely vulnerable population: our elders. Older adults face substantial life challenges, including changed circumstances (health and well-being, finances, new and unfamiliar accommodations), loneliness, body image and sexuality issues, and concerns around meaning and purpose, to name a few. I believe these deserving members of society are entitled to compassionate care.
My approach to therapy is a living, evolving process that integrates holistic, relational and contemplative psychotherapeutic strategies, such as mindfulness, acceptance, compassion, and embodied practices. While I am guided by attachment theory to help clients unlock the door to the origins of their suffering, healing takes place in the present.  Most importantly, I view the relationship between each individual and myself as a living and constantly evolving entity: an ongoing collaboration and a graceful, meaningful “dance” that creates change in both of us, and allows the client to develop insights into their ways of relating to themselves and others.

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