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Crystal Nash.jpg

Crystal Nash MA RP
Registered Psychotherapist

Services Offered: 

Adult Psychotherapy (17+)


Trauma (childhood, sexual, spiritual and intimate partner), life transitions, nature, anxiety/panic and grief.

$140 per session

I believe in creating space for connection to facilitate healing. Connection is found within ourselves, relationships, families, faith perspectives, the natural world and communities. The work we do together involves respect, curiosity, and an understanding of how we connect on various different levels within ourselves. I work from a combined narrative, trauma focused, self-compassion, transformational perspective that is poly-vagal informed. I incorporate nature based perspectives towards healing. The work we do together involves you understanding how to work with, and be compassionate with yourself, in order to connect and heal. Together, we will learn how to navigate your feelings and sensations, the unique stories you live by, and who you want to be in the world.

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