Cathy Brohman, MSW
Registered Social Worker

Services Offered:

Child Psychotherapy

Adult Psychotherapy

Family Therapy 

Specialties: Trauma, Mood/Anxiety Disorders, LGBTQ2s+

$150 per session

I am a registered social worker with extensive experience working with children, youth and adults navigating mental health issues including suicidal thoughts/behaviour, self-harming, anxiety (social anxiety, OCD, GAD), depression, and trauma (sexual abuse, childhood abuse, accidents, war crimes etc.).

 In addition to individual therapy, I offer family therapy and work with parents and caregivers to manage emotional dysregulation, and challenging behaviours in children and youth. I work under the assumption that we do the best we can. I use an eclectic approach to create a treatment plan that serves my client's unique needs. I strive to offer a safe space where you can feel heard and validated. I see the client as the expert in their own lives and I am privileged to be a part of their journey.